33 apartments and suites, displaying impeccable finishing standards, conveniently arranged and fully-fitted. With high ceilings, stucco work, historic woodwork and original staircases, each of these units has an inimitable character.




Rental of residential, office and business premises – our portfolio is flexible and tailored to various needs. Cooperation with businesses is also most welcome. We issue VAT invoices and speak English. Our selection of premises for rental also includes business premises.

A wide selection of apartments for short- and long-term rental – we can provide you with premises in different floor-space categories, ranging from studio-flats or bedsits to over 100-metre three-bedroom suites. Most premises have their own balcony which offers a spectacular view of the city.

What makes us special
- convenient location at the heart of the city
- unique atmosphere of a historic tenement house
- exceptional, high-standard design
- comprehensive furnishings and equipment
- safety
- peace and quiet
- cosiness and comfort

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