Royal Route Residences are situated in tenement houses at 51 and 70 Krakowskie Przedmieście Street in Lublin. In 2007, thanks to four extraordinary and inspiring medicine students from Norway: Danielle, Junicel, Anna Maria, Marte (photo), one of the offices was converted into residential premises. The young ladies quickly got accustomed to that tenement house, despite its initially office-and-commercial character, and continued to live there throughout their studies. Situated on the top floor and famous for hospitality, their apartment soon came to be referred to as “the Schønning Penthouse.”

With their positive spirits, care for the occupied space, kindness and excellent cooperation, the Norwegian students convinced the property administrators that offering more dwellings for rental was worth a try and that there were more people in Lublin willing to reside at that address. What they all shared was fondness of pretty and spacious interiors, and the historical character of the building. A convenient central location, close to universities and a gym, also acted as a major asset.

In 2006-2016 both tenement houses underwent major revitalisation work, which conformed to all the recommendations made by the Heritage Conservator. Illuminations were also installed on the exterior walls, which allowed for the historical architectural details to be attractively displayed also at night-time. The buildings form an impressive element of the city-centre landscape mainly due to their monumental display windows, being among the most unique spaces in Lublin.


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